Sugar Addiction. Sugar, the most dangerous drug in the world

Many people wonder about which can be the most dangerous drug in the world, most of them talk about cocaine and heroin or other drugs that are prepared in an artisanal way.

What they don´t know is that the most dangerous drug in the world is one that is commercialized without any problem, and is dangerous precisely because of its addiction, we are talking about sugar.

Addiction to sugar

 It is difficult for people to make a diet without sugar, because due to its flavor, it is one of the foods used to solving anxiety´s problems.

Psychological problems

 Everything becomes in product of the problems that affect the emotionality of the person, when they are not able to control their emotions seek to mitigate them by eating desserts or sweets. In this way, the emotions are satiated for a short period of time and people finds mitigation of their anxiety.

Consequences of sugar addiction 

Among the consequences that can be found are mainly the risks inherent to eating disorders. Normalizing sugar in our organism makes it much more likely to use this substance in difficult times. Making the difficult moments go away or that can’t be resolved. Creating risks such as diabetes and overweight.

It has been scientifically proven that sugar has more fats and calories than foods that have been fried with fats, since the body assimilates the greasy contents much better.

Even fats contained in fried foods are less harmful than the others based on glucose. Then, the sugar is a kind of reserve of hollow energy, promoting arterial problems and obesity.

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