Psychosomatic diseases. What emotion is hidden behind the pain?

Psychosomatic diseases certify that our evaluation of the reality has a feedback from part of our entire biology. Our nervous and endocrine systems are ordered by our mind, and for that reason, to make a correct judgment and to be full, give us a better health.

Most common Psychosomatic diseases

Gastrointestinal diseases

These diseases are due to the evolutionary principles that have to do with the fight and flight. Nervous system is responsible for regulating each of the systems that have to do with breathing, blood flow and excretion.

Unfortunately, these habits become patterns of responses inherent to the human species and their biology, avoiding being eliminated by culture and then routinely creating a psychosomatic disease.

This is where the stomach pains become recurrent, are triggered by a situation of anxiety, and everything is due to a mistake in thinking.


One of the psychosomatic diseases that can appear are headaches and migraines. This is due to the brain try to process information that is sometimes considered “unacceptable.

The remembrance and the projection of images into consciousness leads to the energizing of hormonal factors and the segregation of certain neurotransmitters. This process creates conditions of apathy (lack of will) and the respective headaches and migraines.

Stress in areas of the body

In the mind, each one of the possible actions that are going to be carried out through the will have to be projected, otherwise, only the reflexes that have to do with the instinct of conservation will act.

The fight between the perceptive faculties and the animal and conservatory instincts create the circumstances to be able to act. But the guilt and remorse that are involved in this process considering the reasoning, maintain the suppression of the behavior and that is the moment where the fatigue of each muscle begins, creating a tension.

The state of tension is maintained until it even creates paralysis in the arms and legs, gradually leading to its somatization.

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