Learn How to combine fruits to Improve your Diet

Talking about diet, it is very important that in the daily food, fruits must be incorporated. Fruit offer to the body many nutritional supplements that are necessary for proper functioning and for the acquisition of energy.

There is a wrong idea that the taste of fruits is not compared to the taste of sweets or junk food. However, there are many ways to eat healthy desserts, made from fruits.

The variety of fruits that exist in the world is incredible. Each one of them is unique in aroma, texture and flavor. There are sweet fruits and there are also acid fruits.

However, due to the composition of certain fruits, some stomachs find hard to digest some types of fruits at determinate times.

This occurs because some fruits, especially those that are citrus and acid, when are ingested in conjunction with other foods, cause a process of fermentation, which can generate heaviness for our stomach at the same time that the process digestive start doing its job.

It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of which foods can be combined with fruits, if we have this knowledge, the stomach will be able to digest fruits and food without any problem.

To know how to combine fruits and take advantage of what these foods can offer to our body, we must know what the types of fruits are. 

Types of fruits

Sweet Fruits: like bananas, peaches, fig, mammee, raisins, watermelon, sugar cane, among other fruits.

Semi-sweet fruits: such as mango, papaya, pear, grapes, soursop and other similar fruits with not so sweet flavors.

Semi-acid fruits: like kiwi, medlar, green grapes and berries in general.

Acid Fruits: like strawberries, guavas, lemon, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, citrus fruits in general.

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