Healthiest recommended foods

Healthy eating is a habit that many people do not respect, they confuse eating with feeding. Having this habit should be better promoted. Eating in a healthy way is something that few people do, in a big sense, this is due to the thought that healthy food may not be as tasty as the food that we are used to eat.

There is a big group of foods that are distinguished from the rest, because of their large contributions to the organism. Foods that are considered the healthiest, for instance, it is very common that they take part in any recommended diet.


Characterized by its nutrients rich in vitamin A, C, E and even B12, providing to the organic system of our body with iron and calcium.


They are big providers of potassium, which with other vitamins will be able to create fibers. They are very good if you are looking for a substitute for sugar.

The basil

Basil leaves isolated on white

The basil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Black pepper

It is able to combate a big amount of bacteria, helping the digestive system. It serves as a perfect sterilizer for any type of microorganism that can be harmful or that can deteriorate the integrity of the body.

Black rice

We must remember that unrefined foods are the best for the body assimilation, black rice is one of them, it is a food that contains big amounts of iron and several fibers that help digestion.


Carrots are the best to improve eyesight, besides of their fiber properties and their vitamins that help the immune system.

Citric fruits

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits have the C vitamin that helps the body to avoid conditions such as scurvy.

These are general options to make a good dish; the meals mentioned here can be quite convenient for your body if you can combine them in good proportion.Even if you want to go on a diet in order to increase muscle mass or to lose weight, this is highly recommended.

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