Clean your lungs in a natural way with these formulas

The lungs are those organs that allow us to breathe. Although breathing is an unconscious activity, when our lungs begin to fail, we feel that something as simple as breathing becomes in a hell.

If you want to clean the lungs, we will give you some recipes that you can easily apply.

Ginger root tea

One of the best ways to clean lungs easily is by ingesting ginger root tea. It contains a substance called gingerol, which helps in the expulsion of accumulated mucus in the lungs. Take a little of this tea each day helps to clean the lungs.

It is only necessary to place a tablespoon of ginger root that has been chopped into very small and thin pieces in a little of hot water. Let it rest for a little more than twenty minutes, and it will be ready to drink.

Raw garlic

Raw garlic has a component called allicin, which helps alleviate lung-related diseases such as colds and bronchitis. Garlic causes the bronchi to open, allowing the breath to be much more fluid and natural.

You should crush some of the raw garlic in a cup, then mix this paste with a glass of water and drink it. It is advisable to do it 15 or 20 minutes before lunch so that the effect can clean lungs.


Thyme contains an active ingredient called thymol. This is recognized by experts for relaxing the bronchial tubes, this effect allows to clean the lungs.

Only half a liter of water should be boiled, once it has boiled, add two tablespoons of thyme leaves. Boil the water with the leaves for 5 minutes. By drinking two cups of this beverage daily in the morning and in the afternoon, you can clean the lungs naturally. 

These remedies are important because their content is completely natural and free of side effects. It is important that if you have very strong pains or many breathing problems, it is better to consult a doctor immediately.

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