Cetyl alcohol, Why Should you avoid products that contain it?

Cetyl alcohol is one of the ingredients that is used in aesthetic products. This cetyl alcohol is a kind of product extracted from completely organic sources.

When we talk about “sources”, we refer exactly to the animals from which this supplement is extracted and also from these plants.

Products containing cetyl alcohol

This substance is used for the improvement of some products related to hygiene and cleaning, it means, in products that have to do with soaps and cleaning products.

The cetyl alcohol that some soaps and cleaning products have, can progressively deteriorate what is the melanin and the pigmentation found in the skin, contributing to malnutrition and little by little to all their organic degradation.

Many people’s health is in risk at the time that they use products that contain this type of alcohol. Therefore, a lot of campaigns have been based on the warning of how harmful this type of alcohol can be.

Cetyl alcohol in kitchen products

The kitchen is also a target for researching about cetyl alcohol. This alcohol makes the frying properties of cooking oil more likely to make tastier food.

But that’s where people ignore the fact that this oil has cancer-related properties, causing the individual’s immune system suppression and rising of triglyceride levels with each meal.

The worst of this is that there are many companies dedicated to making food with this type of alcohol. These companies are quite famous, among them are Nestlé and Kraft.

This can be something to be worried about, knowing that there is a large list of products made for the masses that contain cetyl alcohol.

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